Frequently Asked Questions!

There are a lot of components that go into a rubber duck race and there are several questions we are commonly asked! Hope this helps!


Where do you keep all those ducks?

Our rubber ducks are actually rented through a fundraising company called GAME. Through our contract with GAME, they supply us with all of the ducks for the race, adoption number stickers, the adoption papers, event support and more!

If I adopt a Quack Pack, how do I receive my FREE Jersey Mike’s Sub?

If you adopt a duck from a URS sales booth, it is possible you will receive the coupon in person, but if you adopt your ducks in one of our other sales locations, or online, we will mail it to you very soon!

How do you know which duck is mine?

Every duck in the race is assigned an adoption number. If you adopt a duck via adoption paper, each paper is numbered and that would be your official adoption number. If you adopt a duck via another outlet, we will assign you an adoption number when we input your duck into our database, therefore every duck adopted has a number assigned to it. This number is then placed on the bottom of each duck for the race!

Do I need to know my adoption number?

No. When the winning ducks are pulled from the water we look at the sticker on the bottom to see the adoption number. We have a laptop at the finish line and search our database for the number, the number then pops up with the name of winning duck’s owner!

How do you keep the ducks from escaping down the river?

Thanks to an environmentalist company from Cincinnati, Clean Harbors, the ducks remain in a controlled area for the race. Clean Harbors sets up booms in the water, which is a like a long string of buoys, from the drop point to the finish line, keeping the ducks from escaping!


How do you pick the winning ducks?

At the end of the booms in the water at Founder’s Point pavilion, we have a clear plastic tube. The ducks that make it into the tube are the winners!


Do I need to be present to win a prize?

You do not need to be at the Rubber Duck Regatta to be a winner! The names of the winners will be released to the media at the event and all winners will be notified on Monday, September 18th. Prizes can be picked up that week at URS’ office.

How do you get the ducks out of the water?

URS has an army of volunteers that help us! The past several years we have had Boy Scouts in canoes helping to push the ducks closer to the water’s edge. We then have a large group of volunteers on land with nets and laundry baskets who scoop the ducks out of the river and put them back into the dumpster they were dumped from! It’s a wet, dirty job but someone’s gotta do it 🙂  Interested in helping? Contact Ann at or 937-853-5430.


Still have questions? Contact Duck Central at or 235-DUCK (3825)!